Stay safe while browsing to internet

Internet security software can’t always detect bad software from malicious websites and drive-by downloads. "Safe Web" extension is the first line of defence against malicious and porn websites, preventing you from getting them in the first place. "Safe Web" is a simple light-weight, but yet powerful Parental Control / Web Filter, that filters websites according to their category. It has all the features that can be found to other Anti-Porn / Anti-Malicious PRO applications. Unlike other similar extensions, "Safe Web" filters websites based on sophisticated algorithms, not just their text content (e.g. words: porn, sex, anal, e.t.c.), so it works on all websites even those written to Arabic and Chinese languages.


Save Typing Time

Talk & Write" is an extension for Chrome browser that helps you type text using your voice. Read a text content and it will be typed to a notepad where you can edit it as you like.

"Talk & Write" purpose is to digitize a text document by reading it, through a simple interface.